Help: Technical Instructions for Using INTIME

Minimum systems requirements: Necessary computer settings  to view the website and the videos on PC or Mac computers.

Memory advised settings for viewing videos on Mac: How to find the memory out the amount of RAM on a Machintosh, what is virtual memory, how to increase it,etc.

RealPlayer 8.0 Basic: Installation instructions: PC, Mac OS; configuration; firewall; tips and requirements; frequently asked questions (this info is also applicable to higher versions of RealPlayer as well)

Browser Settings:  Basic configurations for your browser in order to optimize their interaction with Real Player.

Re-Installation steps for browsers (IE/Nestcape) and Real Player for Mac.

How to find and view a video: Instructions on selecting a video to view.

How to download lesson plans: Instructions on downloading a lesson plan.

Troubleshooting Mac/PC problems: How to view the INTIME CD, solve video problems, make your page load properly, etc.

Troubleshooting the navigation bar: If your page is not loaded properly (the html code appears on the monitor) check this link.

Frequently asked questions: Requirements, RealPlayer, video and sound quality; system configuration.

Ask your questions: Send your questions to INTIME technical support.