Bosnian Phase IV

PHASE IV: Historical Fiction

Studying the historical fiction in Phase IV introduces types of conflict that were encountered by members of the culture.

    Johnson, B. (Ed.). (1970). New writing in Yugoslavia. Australia: Penguin Books.
This is a collection of poetry and prose from Yugoslavia in English translation. The works are written by several different authors. Each author is represented with few separate written works.

    Koljevic, S. (Ed). (1966). Yugoslav Short Stories. London: Oxford University Press.
This is a collection of 19 short stories written by 18 authors from former Yugoslavia. All the stories have been translated into English.

    Mead, A. (1996). Adem’s cross. New York: Farrar Straus Giroux.
It is a story about a thirteen-year-old boy Adem, who experienced a great tragedy when his sister got shot to death for reading a poem at a demonstration against Serbian control in Kosovo.