INTIME Progress Check University of Northern Iowa April, 2000

INTIME Progress Check 
University of Northern Iowa 
April, 2000

Important Dates:

        July 13-14, 2000: 2nd INTIME Video Participant Workshop, University of Northern Iowa.  Approximately 25 Quality Educators from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan and Virginia will receive in-depth training on the Technology as a Facilitator of Quality Education Model and instruction about the video taping.  They will begin the evaluation component of the project.

        October 5-6, 2000: INTIME Teacher Education Faculty Workshop, University of Northern Iowa.  Please note this date change.  Approximately 30 Teacher Education Faculty members from the five universities participating in this grant (Eastern Michigan University, Emporia State University, Longwood College, Southeast Missouri State University, and the University of Northern Iowa) will receive in-depth training on the Technology as a Facilitator of Quality Education Model.  They will also explore how to integrate INTIME Website, videos, online discussion forums and technology competencies into their teacher education courses.

Meetings and Conferences Scheduled/Attended:

INTIME Project Presentations

        April 10, 2000: ITAA National IT Workforce Convocation, Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Bill Callahan and Karla Krueger will co-present (with Tom Carroll, Director, PT3, U.S. Department of Education).  Presentation:  "INTIME: A PT3 & Renaissance Group Project."

        June 26, 2000:  NECC National Educational Computing Conference, Atlanta, Georgia.  Karla Krueger, Dr. Sharon Smaldino, and Doreen Hayek will present a Web-Poster session, "INTIME: Integrating New Technology into the Methods of Education Using Online Video Best Practices."

Conferences & Meetings

        June 23-25, 2000:  PT3 Project Director's Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia.  Dr. Bill Callahan, Karla Krueger, Dr. Sharon Smaldino, and Doreen Hayek will attend the project directors meeting.

        March 27-29, 2000:  Video Case Study Group, New Orleans, Louisiana.  Dr. Bill Callahan and Rick Seeley attended the video case study group meeting. 

Progress Check:

        First INTIME Video Participant Workshop. Twenty-five quality educators from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Michigan attended the first INTIME Video Participant Workshop March 2-3, 2000 at the University of Northern Iowa.  These teachers viewed our pilot video, received in-depth training on the Technology as a Facilitator of Quality Education Model and instruction about the video taping of their classroom activity. The first two of four evaluation surveys were completed. Participant's responses to the workshop evaluation were very complementary.

        Pilot Video Completed. The pilot video was completed and enthusiastically received at the Video Participant Workshop.  A main video showing the classroom activity features narration of the teacher, Vicki Oleson.  Her comments complement the classroom activities.  Supplementary videos focus on specific areas of the TFQE Model and feature narration written by the Graduate Assistants who researched elements of the model.  Each video also features a scrolling text "transcript."

        Model Research. A revised and enhanced Model was prepared for the Video Participant Workshop.  As the Graduate Assistants complete their research documentation, these materials and the revised model will be posted on our web site.

        Second Video Participant Workshop. Planning for the July, 2000 Video Participant Workshop is already underway.  Based on the success of the first workshop, minor changes to the agenda will be made. 

        Web Site Development. The INTIME project web site continues development. Teachers attending the Video Participant Workshop viewed the site. Materials are added to the site as they become available. The next priority for the web site is to put up the revised TFQE Model, add the last four narratives of the Vicki Oleson Pilot Video written by the Graduate Assistants and to add a form for the Video Participants to submit their learning activity information on line.

User Acceptance Testing of the web site will include some of our Video Participants.

Implementation of the database to support search and retrieval of the videos and associated materials is underway.

        Video Taping of Best Practice Scenarios. Ordering of the needed video equipment was delayed due to several factors.  This delay will push the taping schedule back two weeks.  Video taping is now scheduled to begin April 14, 2000.

        Teacher Education Faculty Workshop. Nominations for participants in the Methods Faculty workshop were due April 3, 2000.  Dr. Bill Callahan, Karla Krueger, Dr. Sharon Smaldino and Doreen Hayek will make selections on April 12, 2000. 

        Relevant Project URLs.   

        The INTIME Project Website is currently under development.  It includes the current version of the TFQE Model and the Pilot Videos with narratives and scrolling transcripts:

        INTIME Project PowerPoint slides may be found at: