“Having students assess themselves and their groupmates is an important addition to most instructional units,” Johnson, Johnson and Holubec (1998) wrote about structuring the group process to monitor itself.

According to Johnson, Johnson and Holubec (1998), the steps for self-assessment are: 

  • Involve students in elaborating a set of criteria to use in assessing their performances. 

  • Involve students in creating a rubric for each criterion. Students will develop a list of indicators for their strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Train students to use the criteria and rubrics. Students need to know how to apply criteria in the same way at different times and with different students. 

  • Have students assess their own actions and skills. It is also helpful to have the other members of the group assess each member’s performances. 

  • Have the students develop a plan to improve their skills and actions. 

  • Have the class continuously improve the criteria and rubrics they use.


           Johnson, D., Johnson, R.& Holubec, E. (1998).Cooperation in the classroom. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.