How to find and view a video

Note:  There are nine different videos for each lesson.

  1. Select a search criterion. You can search the following elements of the Technology as Facilitator of Quality Education Model: Content Area, Grade Level, Learning, Information Processing, Democracy, Preservice Teacher, Technology Competency, Teacher Knowledge, Teacher Behavior, or by Teacher Name,  State, Video Title, Video Code. You may also view a list of all videos.

  2. To see listings of videos by the search criterion you selected, choose one element in the drop-down menu and then click on the Submit Query button.

  3. The results of your search are listed in grade-level order. Each video in the results list has nine different variations and is identified by a hyperlink that takes you directly to that particular video. 

  4. Once you click on the hyperlink of the video you want to view, a new window will open and the video will start playing.

  5. When viewing the full set of nine videos for each lesson, it is helpful to start with the Teacher interview video or the Activity Overview. Below the window where the video is playing, you can use the drop-down menu to select a new variation. However, before selecting a new video, make sure to stop the video you are currently watching by using the command bar.

  6. It is also possible to view the video in a new window. In Netscape or Internet Explorer, right click on the window where the video appears, then select Zoom and Full Screen. In Netscape, you can also click on the frame (anywhere except on the video) and select View Frame in a New Window.

  7. When you are viewing a video, a text version appears under the video frame. This text version contains some hyperlinks that open a new browser window when followed.

  8. It is recommended, especially for Mac users, to limit the number of browser windows opened as well as the number of applications.

  9. If you stop a video and begin it again, it will start from the beginning.  To stop and begin the video from the same spot, you will need to hit the pause button.