African American Phase I

Norton’s PHASE I: Traditional Literature

Studying the traditional literature in Phases I & II emphasizes the importance of the oral tradition in transmitting the beliefs and values of African Americans.

    Bryan, A. (1989).Turtle knows your name. New York : Atheneum.

A small boy with a very long name is challenged by his grandmother to find out her real name. Gr. K-3

    Bryan, A. (1980). Beat the story-drum, pum-pum. New York : Atheneum
Contents: Hen and Frog.--Why Bush Cow and Elephant are bad friends.--The husband who counted the spoonfuls.--Why Frog and Snake never play together.-- How animals got their tails. Gr. K-4

    Carew, J.R.(1980).Children of the sun. Boston : Little, Brown.
The Sun asks his two children whether they would rather be great or good. Each son follows a different path. Gr. 3-5

    Courlander, H. (1982). The Crest and the hide, and other African stories of heroes, chiefs, bards, hunters, sorcerers, and common people. New York : Coward, McCann & Geoghegan.
Tales of Africa Gr. 5-7

    Hamilton, V. (1988). In the beginning: creation stories from around the world. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.
An illustrated collection of twenty-five myths from various parts of the world explaining the creation of the world. All ages