Ideas For Using INTIME

INTIME methods faculty from the five participating universities report that teacher preparation students really like using the INTIME videos to view real teacher teaching real world projects and lessons.  Here are some ideas from our INTIME methods faculty on how to use the INTIME web site videos in teacher preparation methods classes to bring teaching to life for students. 

  • Show the activity overview of INTIME videos as lesson plan examples for teacher preparation students.  These lesson plans are also a good resource for the beginning teachers.

  • Ask methods students to critique INTIME videos from different content areas analyzing teaching style, questioning techniques, use of technology as a teacher aid, student behavior, learning, and motivation.  Ask students if they would use similar strategies in their classrooms.

  • Have students view an INTIME video.  Follow this with class discussion on tenets of democracy.  Have students view that video again using the video’s checklist to look for tenets of democracy. Assign students to write their reflections on the tenets of democracy observed in the video.  

  • On the first day of methods class, have students write a reflective paper on “Identifying the characteristics that diverse learners may bring to the general education classroom and techniques educators may use.”  Later in the semester, ask them to develop a lesson plan integrating technology as an instructional tool and write a reflective paper on the same topic as earlier in the semester.  Teacher and students compare the pre- and post-reflection papers.

  • Use “Giving ‘Em the Business” video to focus on the emotional health of the classroom environment.  Students view a segment (which can be projected on a SmartBoard); class discusses the teacher/student characteristics that contributed to an emotionally health classroom environment.  This video can also be used to show how health education can be integrated into other lessons (for example, a nutrition unit).

  • Use INTIME videos to show current teachers how to modify curriculum for students with special needs.  Users chose one of two pre-selected INTIME videos, and view the Activity Overview, Content, and Technology portions.  They answer questions about each video and participate in a virtual chat concerning the videos.

  • Identify major concepts of the methods class that are demonstrated on an INTIME video.  Students view INTIME videos outside of class independently or with a partner and discuss the methods concepts during the next class.

  • Ask teacher education students to view videos from elementary grades for criteria designed by their methods instructor.  Ask small groups of students to analyze the instruction in at least four videos based on the criteria and report their findings to the class. The students also critique the INTIME TFQE model using the method instructor’s criteria.

  • Pair special education students with students in regular ed methods class to view selected videos outside of class.  Students view the videos watching for trouble spots in lessons for students with mild disabilities and ways to adapt or accommodate the lesson for these students.

  • Have teacher education students select two videos for class projects to watch for demonstrations of technology integration in the classroom that they could use in their own lesson plans.

  • Assign each teacher education student a part of the TFQE model to explain to the rest of the class.  Create a teaching assessment tool based on the model.  Then, have students watch two videos on the INTIME web site and assess the teachers in the video using the model assessment. 

  • Videotape each student teaching and have them evaluate their own teaching with the TFQE model assessment tool.

  • Use the TFQE model as an outline for the methods class.  Discuss teaching and learning styles;  review principles of learning and information processing; and review content standards and specific content area of methods class.  Use the teacher knowledge and behavior section to have students analyze their own teaching.

  • Model for teacher education students how to effectively incorporate technology into their teaching using the INTIME model. 

  • Have classes of graduate students use the INTIME videos to analyze the use of the TFQE model and technology integration in classrooms based on their teaching experiences.

  • Encourage graduate students who are currently teaching to share the INTIME videos and TFQE model with other teachers in their schools.