Using Teaching Standards to Improve Student Learning DVD and Print Materials


The College of Education at the University of Northern Iowa has produced the Using Teaching Standards to Improve Student Learning DVD and print materials in response to the state and national movement to improve student learning through standards-based teaching. Designed to meet the requirement of the Iowa Teaching Standardssupporting the goals of the No Child Left Behind initiative, the DVD and print materials help educators to learn about the eight Iowa Teaching Standards and 42 criteria, effective research-based teaching practices, and ways to improve student learning.



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DVD (190 min.) $75.00  ISBN: 1-933134-30-5

Print Materials (490 pages) $25.00  ISBN: 1-933134-31-3

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By using the DVD and print materials, educators will be able to see how other teachers improve student learning by meeting the Iowa Teaching Standards, learn from these examples, and then improve learning of their students. Supporting Print Materials offer video transcripts, detailed lesson plans and background information about each of the lessons featured in the video examples, student assessment tools, and professional development activities designed to promote critical thinking about the teaching standards.

The eight  and 42 Model Criteria have been developed by the Iowa Department of Education and adopted by the State Board of Education on May 10, 2002. The purpose of The Iowa Teaching Standards and Model Criteria is to illustrate quality teaching and to serve as basis for teacher evaluation and professional development. Moreover, these standards provide focus for teacher induction and mentoring.