Multicultural Calendar



1st Mochitsuki Day (Japanese)

6th Three King's Day (Puerto Rican)

15th Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday

Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese New Year (varies)




African American History Month

Sisterhood/Brotherhood Week (varies)

5th Constitution Day (Mexican)

Purim (Jewish) (varies)

15th Susan B. Anthony's Birthday

15th Nirvana Day (Mahayana Buddhism)

Shivaratri (Hindu) (varies)




Women's History Month

Pesach (Passover) (Jewish) (varies)

3rd Girls Day (Japanese)

4th Two Trung Sisters Day (Vietnamese)

5th Boys Day (Japanese)

8th International Women's Day

22nd Emancipation Day (Puerto Rican)

26th Kuhio Day (Hawaiian)



1st International Children's Book Day

Earth Month

5th Ching Ming Festival (Chinese)

8th Buddha Day

13th Vaisakhi (Sikh)

17th Verranzano Day (Italian)

21st Festival of Ridvan (Baha'i)

29th Hung Vuong (Vietnemese)



Asian American Heritage Month

2nd Holocaust Memorial Day

5th Cinco de Mayo (Mexican)

5th Children's Day (Japanese)

24th Women's International Disarmament Day

28th Dragon Boat Festival (Chinese)




6th Memorial Day (Korean)

11th Kamehameha Day (Hawaiian)

19th Juneteenth Day (African American)

29th Green Corn Dance (Seminole)

Lesbian/Gay Pride Month




15th Bon (Mahayana Buddhism)

21st Hopi Niman Dance Day

25th Constitution Day (Puerto Rican)




6th Hiroshima Day

9th Nagasaki Day

15th National Day (Korean American)

26th Women's Equality Day

30th Sunrise Dance Day (Native American)




Rosh Hashanah (Jewish) (varies)

Yom Kippur (Jewish) (varies)

Sukkot (Jewish) (varies)

Maulud-un-Nabi (Muslim) (varies)

8th Cherokee National Day

15th Respect for Aged Day (Japanese)

16th Mexican Independence Day

18th International Day of Peace

28th & 29th American Indian Day



Hispanic Heritage Month

1st World Vegetarian Day

11th National Lesbian/Gay Coming Out Day

12th Day of the Race (Latino/a)

16th World Food Day

24th United Nations Day

28th Czechoslavak Independence Day

Dussehra (Hindu) (varies)

Pavarana (Theravada Buddhism)

Kanname Festival (Shinto) (varies)



1st & 2nd days of the dead (Latino/a)

15 International Day of the Indian

Children's Book Week (varies)

Latin American Week (varies)

Niiname Festival (Shinto)

Native People Day of Mourning (varies)




Chanukah (Jewish) (varies)

5th Discovery day (Haitian)

10th Human Rights Day

15th Navidades (Puerto Rican)

16th Posadas (Mexican)

26th to Jan. 1st Kwanza (African American)





Reprinted from Multicultural Voices in Contemporary Literature: A Resource for Teachers, Updated and Revised Edition by Frances Ann Day.  Copyright 1999 by Frances Ann Day.  Published by Heinemann, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc., Portsmouth, NH.