Intime Packaged CDs and Customized CDs or DVDs

Customized Intime CDs or DVDs
If you are interested in specific video vignettes, we make customized CDs or DVDs. Just let us know which video vignettes to use from the 540 Intime videos available on the website, or ask us about longer versions, non-narrated versions, and newer videos not available on the website. We can put approximately 2 hours of video per CD or DVD. CD videos play in RealPlayer Basic. DVDs have high quality video and play in any standard DVD player.

Intime Packaged CDs:
The Intime project of the College of Education at the University of Northern Iowa produced this set of 540 video vignettes available in 30 CD volumes to help educators improve student learning at all levels (PK thru University work) and in all content areas. Videos of sixty teachers’ lessons feature contemporary technology, high quality conceptual models, detailed lesson plans and probing questions specific to each of the 540 vignettes. Intime’s conceptual model, Technology as Facilitator of Quality Education, includes the latest research on the use of standards to improve learning as well as the most contemporary strategies available from cognitive psychology and learning research. Additional models are used to show educators how to support learning, including democracy in the classroom, information processing and in-depth analysis of teacher knowledge and behavior. Our mission is not to divide the work of the educator into small parts but rather to functionally view the complex system that promotes quality learning through multiple video vignettes of each lesson.



Intime CDs and DVDs Information:


Intime CDs Volumes 1-30
$30.00 each. CDs feature two lessons with nine video clips of each lesson (total of 18 vignettes per CD). Select from this list of pre-packaged CDscontaining lessons in similar grade levels and subject areas

Intime Complete Set of 30 CDscontains all 540 video vignettes.

Customized CDs or DVDs $300.00 for the master copy and $30.00 each additional copy. Approximately 2 hours of video per CD or DVD.

*All prices subject to change.

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More information about these videos can be found at

Volume 1: Pre-K/Kindergarten:
Classroom Web Site (Pre-Kindergarten)
I Love Spiders (Kindergarten)

Volume 16: Middle School Music:
Opera on the ‘Net Part I (7th grade)
Opera on the ‘Net Part II (7th grade)

Volume 2: Kindergarten:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Kindergarten)
Old MacRobinson Had a Farm (Kindergarten)

Volume 17: Middle School PE/Music:
Learning to Play the Panpipes (5th-8th grade)
Sportsfolio (7th-8th grade PE)

Volume 3: Elementary Mathematics:
Giving ‘Em the Business (1st-2nd grade)
Graphing (3rd grade)

Volume 18: Middle/High School Special Education:
Night of the Twisters (5th-6th grade)
Assistive Technology in the Writing Process (9th-12thgrade)

Volume 4: Elementary Social Studies:
Creating a Classroom Belief Statement (4th grade)
Feel the Power(point) (4th grade)

Volume 19: Middle/High School Science:
Measuring the Impact of Exercise and Body Position (7thgrade)
Ocean Exhibits (9th grade)

Volume 5: Elementary Language Arts:
Dinosaurs (2nd grade)
Using Technology For Vocabulary Development, Reading Comprehension, and Word Identification (4th grade)

Volume 20: Middle/High School Technology:
Producing a Daily News Broadcast (6th grade)
City of Manson Information CD-ROM (10th-12th grade)

Volume 6: Elementary Special Education/Talented and Gifted:
Picture This in Your Community (3rd-4th grade)
Imagination Express: Rain Forest (4th grade)

Volume 21: High School Mathematics:
Modeling Quadratic Data (9th grade)
Graphing Linear Equations (9th grade)

Volume 7: Elementary Special Education: 
Alaskan Stories Read and Retold (3rd -5th grade)
”Show Me” Missouri’s Temperatures (4th grade)

Volume 22: High School Science:
Relating to Newton’s Second Law (12th grade)
QX3 Computer Microscope Biology Project (10th grade)

Volume 8: Elementary Language Arts/ Science: 
Electing the President-Hyperstudio (2nd-3rd grade)
Habitats (3rd grade)

Volume 23: High School Career Technical Education:
Aquaculture Production in the Classroom (9th-12th grade)
CAD Hyperlinking Partnership (9th-12th grade)

Volume 9: Upper Elementary Social Studies:
The 13 Colonies HyperStudio Presentation (5th grade)
A Walk Through History CD-ROM (5th grade)

Volume 24: High School Social Studies:
Congressional Lawmaking (12th grade)
European Vacation (9th grade)

Volume 10: Upper Elementary Talented and Gifted:
Dig It (4th-6th grade)
Biography: Profiles in Greatness (5th grade)

Volume 25: High School Social Studies: 
Celebrating Diversity in Iowa Schools (9th-12th grade)
Introduction to Black Studies (9th-12th grade)

Volume 11: Upper Elementary Mathematics:
Harry Potter Research Project (4th-5th grade)
Swish: Applying Statistics to Real Life (6th grade)

Volume 26: High School Health/Family and Consumer Science:
Becoming Aware: Cancer (12th grade)
Are You Nutritionally Correct (9th-12th grade)

Volume 12: Elementary/Middle School Language Arts/Social Studies:
Shakespeare (5th grade)
A Walk Through History (8th grade)

Volume 27: High School Business/Technology:
Virtual CEO (9th-12th grade)
Career Exploration (9th-12th grade)

Volume 13: Middle School Science:
WebQuest Solar System Colonization Project 2000 (6thgrade)
Aviation (6th grade)

Volume 28: High School English: 
Publishing Haiku Poems with Avid Cinema (9th grade)
Environmental Health iMovie Project (10th grade)

Volume 14: Middle School Science:
Water Quality in the Greenhills Stream (7th grade)
What is the Relationship Between Pitch and Amplitude (8th grade)

Volume 29: High School Visual Arts:
Button Button Who Has the Button? (9th-12th grade)
"Smile" You're on Central Camera (9th-12th grade)

Volume 15: Middle School Science: 
Life Science Unit - Digestion: Where Do I Get My Energy From (8th grade)
Weather Models Using Model-It (8th grade)

Volume 30: Foreign Language/ESL:
Let’s Go Fly a Kite (4th-6th grade ESL)
Le Tour de France (12th grade)

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Intime was funded in part through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.