Enjoyable Setting


“New insights into the ways traditional cultures gain and transmit knowledge (drawn from sociobiology and anthropology) remind us that effective learning is social and interactive” (Ewell, 1997a, p.5). An enjoyable learning setting is a cultural and interpersonal context that provides interactions, considerable levels of individual personal support, and creates learning opportunities (Ewell, 1997b, p.10).Most learning of this kind is group-oriented and oral (Ewell, 1997b, p.10).

Checklist of Observable Behaviors

___ 1. Personal interaction (Ewell, 1997b, p.10): This situation  favors  enjoyable communication among individuals.

___ 2. Social effects on learning (Ewell, 1997b, p.10): Learning takes place through activities that involve harmonious interaction and trust, such as play.

___ 3. Personal support for manageable risk-taking (Ewell, 1997b, p.10): The encouragement and support shown through interactions within an enjoyable learning context act as an incentive for students, especially those who feel challenged, to take risks and manage them.


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An elementary student who has difficulty with written language works with a resource teacher to create a “living book,” which includes text, pictures, and sound.  The student is immersed in several risk-taking situations as a part of this activity, which requires the personal support of the resource teacher.  The student composes and sends an e-mail message to an author asking for information about his or her ideas for creating a book.  The student is also taking a risk when classmates are shown the book. (The encouragement and support of the teacher enhance the enjoyable setting.)


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