Hispanic Phase V

Norton’s PHASE V: Contemporary Fiction, Biography, and Poetry

Studying the contemporary literature in Phase V unveils the close relationships between the traditional folklore and contemporary stories. At the conclusion of this phase, threads that emerged across the genres can be traced and summarized. Studying multicultural literature is an excellent way to foster acceptance and appreciation for cultural differences.

Beatty, P. (1981). Lupita Mañana. New York : Morrow. To help her poverty-stricken family, 13-year-old Lupita enters California as an illegal alien and starts to work while constantly on the watch for "la migra." Gr. 6-9

Bunting, E. (1994). A day's work. New York : Clarion Books. When Francisco, a young Mexican American boy, tries to help his grandfather find work, he discovers that even though the old man cannot speak English, he has something even more valuable to teach Francisco. Gr. K-3

Cisneros, S. (1994). Hairs = Pelitos. New York : Knopf : Distributed by Random House. A girl describes how each person in the family has hair that looks and acts different, Papa's like a broom, Kiki's like fur, and Mama's with the smell of warm bread. Gr. Pre-2

Dorros, A. (1993). Radio Man = Don Radio : a story in English and Spanish. New York : HarperCollins. As he travels with his family of migrant farm workers, Diego relies on his radio to provide him with companionship and help connect him to all the different places in which he lives. Gr. 1-5

Gander, F. (1993). Mouth to mouth : poems by twelve contemporary Mexican women. Minneapolis, Minn. : Milkweed Editions.Mexican poetry -- Women authors, 20th century, translations into English

Hurwitz, J. (1990). Class president. New York : Morrow Junior Books. Julio hides his own leadership ambitions to help another candidate in the election for class president. Gr. 2-up

Lomas Garza, C. (1990). Family pictures. San Francisco, CA : Children's Book Press. The author describes, in bilingual text and illustrations, her experiences growing up in a Hispanic community in Texas. Gr. K-3