Multicultural Strategies

  1. Multiperspective teaching of American, Canadian, Mexican, and World History

  2. Culture-oriented Current Events Reporting by Students and Teachers

  3. Untracking

  4. Tolerance/Anti-Racism-Oriented Teaching

  5. Gender-Fair Instruction

  6. Teaching Conflict Resolution Techniques

  7. Mastery Teaching and Mastery Learning

  8. Cooperative Learning

  9. In-depth Interview with Parents and Ongoing, Gradual Ethnic and

    Cultural Self-disclosure by Teachers and Students

  10. Design and Implementation of Environmental Multicultural Units 

  11. Specially designed Academic Instruction in English (Also Known as Sheltered English Instruction)

  12. Positive Predictions Regarding Students' Future Academic and Occupational Success

  13. Self-esteem-oriented Education (as in Word of the Week and Child of the Week Programs)

  14. Student-Specific Pedagogy (Learning-style-informed Teaching)

  15. Teaching toward Self-directed Learning

  16. Bilingual Education and Strategies Designed to Recruit More Bilingual Teachers and Teachers of Color



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