Group Processing: Improvement Goals

The third step teachers take in implementing group processing is setting improvement goals. After analyzing observational data, reflecting on its meaning, and giving positive feedback, the groups are ready to set improvement goals. These goals are concrete suggestions that are to be followed in the next group session.

Here are some procedures that can be used for goal setting:

  • The students decide which social skills they want to use more effectively and efficiently next time. 

  • Each group reaches a consensus to the following statement in whole class discussions: “Our group will [do this…] next time to improve the use of social skills.” 

  • The students provide an answer to each of the following statements for the next use of cooperative learning: 

  • A different thing we want to try next time when we meet is… 

  • These are the group skills we want to use next time… 

  • This is a social skill we want to emphasize more next time…


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