INTIME Publications, Awards, and Acknowledgements

 Book Chapters Featuring INTIME

           Callahan, W.P., & Switzer, T.J. (2001). Technology as facilitator of quality education: A model. In W.Heineke & J. Willis (Eds.), Methods of evaluating educational technology (pp. 215-235). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing, Inc.

           Krueger, K., Boboc, M., & Cornish, Y. (2003, January). INTIME: Online video resources for teacher educators featuring technology integration in preK-12 classrooms. In M. Orey (Ed.) 2003 Multimedia and Educational Technology Yearbook Volume 28. 

           Mehlinger, H.D., & Powers, S. M. (2002). Technology & teacher education/SCDE leadership (pp. 47-51). Boston/New York: Houghton Mifflin Company. 

Online Book Chapter Featuring INTIME

           Grabe, C., & Grabe, M. (2001). Integrating technology for meaningful learning (3rd ed)., Chapter 9. Boston/New York: Houghton Mifflin Co. Retrieved Oct. 22, 2001, from

Journal Articles Featuring the INTIME Project   

Krueger, K., Boboc, M., Smaldino, S., Cornish, Y., & Callahan, W.  (2004).  INTIME impact report:  What was INTIME effectiveness and impact on faculty and preservice teachers?  Journal of Technology and Teacher Education 12(2), 185-210.

Krueger, K., Hansen L., & Smaldino, S. (2000, April). Preservice teacher technology competencies. Tech Trends 44(3) 47-50.

           Seeley, Rick. (2002, Fall). Redefine Distance Learning. Available online


           Best Poster/Demonstrations. (2001). INTIME: A PT3 Catalyst Grant presented by William Callahan, University of Northern Iowa. Awarded by Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education, 12th International Conference. Orlando, FL.

             Education World Best of 2002 Site Reviews
InTime Retrieved July 24, 2003

             Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

            Lerman, J. (2005). 101 Best web sites for elementary teachers. International Society for Technology in Education.

             MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching). INTIME: Integrating New Technologies Into the Methods of Education. Featured Peer Review. Retrieved January, 2003, from 

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National Commission on Teaching and America's Future (NCTAF). (2003).Teaching videos model sound teaching practice with technology.  In No dream denied:  A pledge to America’s children (p. 83). Washington, DC:  National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators, 2002-2003 Archive, Sites for School Days, March 2003.  (2002-2003).  Retrieved August 27, 2003, from

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Case Studies Produced Featuring the INTIME Project

           PT3Now.  (2002).  INTIME - A PT3 case study.  Laurel, MD:  Soundprint Media Center, Inc., /Norfolk, VA: WHRO.   This INTIME case study was produced to showcase the INTIME materials and how they are used by faculty and students and to provide panel discussion about the usefulness of the materials in this project. Retrieved Oct. 2002, from

           RealNetworks.  (2002).  RealNetworks case study:  University of Northern Iowa.  Seattle, WA:  RealNetworks.   This INTIME case study was produced to showcase how the INTIME project at the University of Northern Iowa has realized the value of interactive media and began producing streaming media content, INTIME video vignettes. Retrieved Oct. 2002, from

            CATALISE Broadcast. (November 5, 2002). Maycomb, IL: Western Illinois University. William Callahan presented INTIME on a panel discussion entitled, Finding a Way: Role of Leadership in Technology Planning during a CATALISE broadcast. The archived version is available at 

            CATALISE Broadcast. (January 28, 2003). Maycomb, IL: Western Illinois University. Karla Krueger will present INTIME on a panel discussion for the CATALISE Broadcast entitled, Why We're Here: Preparing "Tech-Able" Teacher Candidates. The archived version will be available at

Newsletter/Newspaper Articles Featuring INTIME

           Amdor chosen for technology program. (2000, March 16). The Adams County Free Press, Corning, IA.

           Berblinger, S. (2000, April 20). On-line grant project hopes to educate teachers. Sterling (KS) BulletinAvailable online

           Corning's Amdor selected for technology program. (2000, March 10).Creston (IA) News Advertiser.

           Davis, S.S. (2001).

           Grants help UNI College of Education find a better way: Technology - Developing on-line video samples of classroom technologies for preservice teachers. (2000). Cedar Falls, IA: University of Northern Iowa College of Education.

           High school teacher selected for federal grant. (2000, March 30).Sterling Kansas Bulletin.

           Jennings, J. (ND). School's technology curriculum showcased. Newton (IA) Daily News. Available online

           Krueger, K. (2002, March 20). INTIME project shows teachers how to integrate technology into the classroom. The Forum 27 (12) 7. (Denver, Iowa).

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