INTIME Progress Check University of Northern Iowa March, 2001

INTIME Progress Check 
University of Northern Iowa 
March, 2001

InTime Progress Check:

        Survey of Teacher Education Faculty.  An informal survey of participating faculty is being conducted to assess how the INTIME web site materials are being used and whether there are additional materials that would be used if added.  Of particular interest is whether or not probing questions about the videos would be useful to teacher education faculty. 

        Technical Support Updates:  The technical support graduate assistants for UNI are developing a troubleshooting checklist to facilitate use of the INTIMEvideos in classroom and lab settings.  The detailed version of the same information is posted on the web site, however, it seems as if instructors are not arranging with tech G.A.’s to verify that computers in labs and classrooms are set up to view videos.  The checklist will enable instructors and G.A.’s to quickly work through a troubleshooting list of the most common problems, without having to go through the most detailed version of instructions.  In cases requiring more assistance, email and telephone support are available.

        Faculty Implement INTIME into their Courses:  Fifteen faculty members from the five participating universities (Eastern Michigan University, Emporia State University, Longwood College, Southeast Missouri State University, and the University of Northern Iowa) are implementing INTIMEgrant materials into one or more of their classes this semester.  Faculty may utilize the video examples, lesson plans, the Technology as a Facilitator of Quality Education (TFQE) Model, online discussion forums, and develop activities that will require teacher candidates to increase their proficiency in the effective use of technology in teaching and learning.  Feedback will be collected mid-way and at the end of the semester.

        Preservice Teacher Technology Competencies: Assessment Survey. Preservice teachers in courses utilizing INTIME this semester have completed the pre-assessment. They will complete the post-assessment at the end of the semester.  This tool, based on the UNI Preservice Teacher Technology Competencies, was previewed at the INTIME Teacher Education Faculty Workshop in October. 

        Video Update.  Seventeen sets of completed videos have been posted to the web site.  Subsequent videos will be posted as they become available.  Forty-five of the 50 original teachers have been taped and the remaining taping dates are scheduled for completion by March 16, 2001.  Three new teachers in the areas of foreign language, industrial technology, and music have been added and will be taped by May, 2001.  This will help to complete the matrix of video examples for all content areas.

        Web Site Development. New materials and videos are added as they become available.  Documentation of “Students at the Center of their Own Learning” is in process and will be posted as another area of the TFQE model. Overview videos for each area of the TFQE model will be produced to provide a through-line for identification and exploration of model area components.  Work on these model area videos has already begun, with videos to be posted in the 3rd year of the grant.  An editor has been hired and has begun a thorough editing process of the entire INTIME website.

        Promotional CD-ROM.  1000 copies of a promotional CD-ROM about the INTIME project have been made. This includes an extensive brochure/CD packaging that explains the INTIME project and the TFQE model.  Copies are being handed out at conference presentations and mailed to individuals who have requested them.  Contents of the CD include a narrated explanation of the INTIME project and the TFQE model, a preview of the project website, and 9 sample videos from the website.  The CD also features auto-run and Real Player installation for those who do not already have it.  The CD will be sent to college administrators to familiarize them with the INTIME project and materials.

PT3 Addendum Grant:

        Consultant Hired.  Kathleen Fulton, Project Director for the Web-based Education Commission ( was hired by Tom Carroll to work with INTIME as a consultant for the addendum grant.  She will work with the Public Relations firm hired by PT3, Fleishman-Hillard, and will coordinate with Carole Yates at UNI regarding the materials she developed.  At an early January meeting in Washington, D.C., it was agreed that the quality of the materials developed thus far are comparable to what the P.R. firm would produce.  UNI will continue to work on a mock-up for the PT3 promotional CD (art by UNI student Heide).  Kathleen will pass the promo CD around for feedback.  If the response is positive, we will continue working on it.

Meetings and Conferences Scheduled/Attended:

INTIME Project Presentations

        March 6-7, 9, 2001:  AACE/SITE 2001, Orlando, FL.  Dr. Bill Callahan presented “INTIME: A PT3 Catalyst Grant” as a full paper, poster/demo and video festival. 

        March 3, 2001:  AACTE Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Dallas, TX.  Dr. Bill Callahan presented “INTIME (Integrating New Technologies into the Methods of Education:  A PT3 Catalyst Grant)“ as part of the Technology Infusion into Instruction strand.

        February 23, 2001:  Spotlight on Educational Technology, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA.  Karla Krueger presented “INTIME(Integrating New Technologies into the Methods of Education: A PT3 Catalyst Grant” for UNI faculty and students and Iowa teachers.   

        February 21, 2001:  CoSN (Consortium for School Networking) Web of Change, 6th Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.  Graduate Assistants Marius Boboc & Corina Cimpoeru presented “INTIME (Integrating New Technologies Into the Methods of Education): A PT3 Catalyst Grant” as one of 17 workshops. 

        February 19, 2001:  ATE (Association of Teacher Educators) 2001 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.  Vicki Oleson and Alexandru Spatariu presented “INTIME (Integrating New Technologies Into the Methods of Education): A PT3 Catalyst Grant” as part of an Advocacy for Best Practice in Teacher Education strand.

        January 10, 2001:  North Iowa Technology Fair, 6th Annual Conference, Mason City, IA.  Karla Krueger presented “INTIME (Integrating New Technologies into the Methods of Education).

PT3 Presentations

        March 2, 2001:  AACTE Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Dallas, TX.  Dr. Bill Callahan moderated the PT3 strand session “Leadership for the Effective Integration of Technology into Educator Preparation Programs:  A Dialogue with, by, and for Deans of Schools, Colleges, and Departments of Education.”

        February 3, 2001:  9th AAHE Conference on Faculty Roles and Rewards,Tampa, FL.  Dr. Bill Callahan and Graduate Assistant Madalina Tincu presented part of a concurrent session, “Changing the Student-Teacher Relationship Through New Technology Influenced Pedagogy.”

        January 12, 2001:  FETC 2001 (Florida Educational Technology Conference), Orlando, FL.  Dr. Bill Callahan co-presented with Sue Talley (Pepperdine University) “Video Case Studies:  An Innovation in Teacher Preparation” as part of a PT3 strand.